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What We Do

Our free services are health-related tools used to help older individuals easily access resources of need 

Medicare, Medigap & Medicaid

Allow us to assist you on what your current benefits can do for you. We are skilled and can help you get started on a health and/or drug plan, through Medicare (Original & Advantage) and possibly Medigap, that is compatible to your needs. We find assistance programs for low-income individuals and determining the eligibility for Medicaid for an individual is a service we provide as well.

Adaptive Equipment Solutions

As we have interacted with multiple aging adults with different backgrounds, we understand the importance of durable medical equipment. We can work with your health insurance companies to make sure your coverage is benefitting you with the best options. If you are paying out-of-pocket, we can find you an affordable and reliable device within your budget or apply to our benefits without barriers program for even more assistance.

Transportation Setup Assistance

Finding a reliable source of transportation is significant when it comes to needing access to medical appointments, shopping or even visiting family and friends. By having this service you gain more independence and we are here to help initiate that process for you.

Medical Visit Support

We are advocates who represent all aging groups. Through our C.E.P. program, we support you during medical visits to make sure you get a beneficial outcome. If permitted, notes can be taken at each visit. We also ask questions that can help you and the medical professional's relationship in terms of communication and grasping material. 

Senior Activity Search

Socializing is an important factor of life, especially when it comes to older adults. It stimulates your mind and reduces stress levels making you less likely to develop a chronic illness. We can help you find local uplifting activities that interests you in your community.

Advocating for All Needs

Our services are not limited as we can provide resources that may also serve you. Staying innovative is the key for a successful outcome in assisting older adults. AWS strives for greatness as we serve the community.

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