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The C.E.P. Program


Oftentimes older adults lack support at their medical appointments due to the unavailability of family and/or friends. Health care providers sometimes struggle with communicating to their older patients using professional jargon not realizing the impact it can have on their patient's overall health. In this program, our members are there with you during your visits (in-person or telemedicine) to support and assist you with comprehending important information. We want you to understand and benefit from learning about your health to have the ability to make appropriate health decisions for yourself. Before the appointment day, we go over 4 main points below:  

Medical history & Current medication list

What is to be discussed at the visit

Questions for the provider

Future health goals


Effective communication strengthens the provider-patient relationship


Health education is key for better health. Maintain your health by staying  informed


Get involved with your health. Research, ask questions and state concerns

​Purpose of ​Program​​

The program was implemented to improve the medical visit experience between patient and provider. We want to promote quality of life among older adults through effective healthcare. As health promotion and protection, and disease prevention are part of our organization's vision, C.E.P. limits the health disparity of health care inequality occurring in the aging population. Low health literacy is a prevalent and common issue within the older generations. Older adults living in rural communities are more at risk for enduring the impact of social injustices pertaining to health. The C.E.P. program will change the perspective between aging adults and health, enhance the practice of providers, and community involvement will result in better health outcomes for older people in society.

*Note: You must enroll into the program or schedule at least one week prior to your next medical appointment


 Our membership gets you enrolled into this program 

This program is currently available to the following counties: Marion, Polk, Yamhill, Lincoln, and Tillamook

Please fill in your information below and we will contact you shortly

Membership fees: $5.00/year

(Checks only accepted via printable application)


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